Memories Are

Respectfully Kept

Helping those with kidney disease and other chronic illnesses navigate their difficult health journey.
Who We Are
I [Marcy] wanted to do something good in my brother’s name to honor his vigilance and kindness to others. MARK., which stands for Memories Are Respectfully Kept, was created.
In memory of Mark Weaver, a friend of all who were lucky enough to know him and brother of Marcy Rzepka (Founder of The MARK Advocacy Group and struggling with kidney disease herself).

In 2015, Mark lost his battle with multiple chronic health conditions and his decades long journey through a difficult medical system. As a result, he turned to drug and alcohol usage. Because Mark was ignored, neglected, and betrayed by traditional healthcare doctors for many years, his life could have been saved and the disease fought, had his ‘doctors’ listened to HIM – as we all know our bodies, its warning signs, and symptoms better than anyone else!

I cannot change what happened to Mark, but we can all do good in his memory to help others maneuver through their healthcare issues and help them not only find their voice, but to be heard and change the way the healthcare system has failed us or a family member.
What We Do

We're Here to Help.

The MARK Advocacy Group is a non-profit organization that provides resources, information, education, and support to those with kidney disease, chronic illnesses, and the caretakers of those with the illness.

Better Care, Better Life.

We strive to be the true, full source for a better understanding of your condition, educational assets, and a supportive community for you and your family’s healthcare journey.

Finding Your Voice.

Our focus is on empowering you by providing the tools necessary to create a life of wellness with dignity and making sure that YOU control your healthcare decisions.

It's Back!

Thursday, June 20th

3rd Annual Charity

Golf Tournament

Join us for the 3rd Annual MARK Golf Outing, raising funds for advocacy support. Your donations enable the MARK Advocacy Group to continue advocating, educating, and supporting individuals with kidney disease and anyone navigating a challenging health journey.
What Is An Advocate?
For a great many people who suffer from a chronic disease, navigating the sea of doctor visits, testing, medications, and daily struggles, can be overwhelming.

A patient advocate is here for you to:
  • Be an extra set of eyes and ears at doctor visits
  • Listen and support
  • Help with medication organization, transportation, dietary choices
  • Help you understand and clarify doctor's instructions, treatments, procedures
  • Provide assistance with insurance claims, administrative, financial, legal and social support
  • Ensure your patient rights are being honored
  • A patient advocate can be the single most empowering tool for someone afflicted with a chronic disease!
Do you have a desire to help others? Becoming a patient advocate with the Mark Advocacy Group is easier than you may think and incredibly rewarding. We provide all the resources, education, and support you need to get started. From classroom-style educational events and literature to virtual and online support platforms, we ensure each of our patient advocates is well-trained to understand and support the needs of those they advocate for. Join us and make a meaningful impact today!
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For general inquiries, partnership opportunities, sponsorships, media kits, and more, please contact us. If you are interested in becoming an advocate or need support, please refer to the appropriate sections highlighted above.
Lansing, MI 48915
Phone: +1 517-292-4065⁩

We currently serve individuals in the Lansing, Michigan area, providing dedicated support and advocacy. We plan to expand our reach to nearby areas soon, allowing us to assist even more people in need. Stay tuned for updates on our growing services!